Is your own behavior getting in the way? Working with a therapist who understands autism and neurodiverse issues can help you develop a plan to reach your full potential. ABOUT MY SERVICES Worried about your child's meltdowns? A Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) can help you know how to respond to your child when they are engaging in difficult behaviors. ABOUT MY SERVICES

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Harry Voulgarakis

Harry Voulgarakis, Ph.D., BCBA

psychologist | behavior analyst | professor | researcher

I am Dr. Harry Voulgarakis and I am a researcher, psychologist, and behavior analyst in New York City. I specialize in neurodevelopmental conditions like autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, and behavioral disorders. I integrate my backgrounds in both special education and clinical neuropsychology into my research and clinical work.

I have clinical expertise in applied behavior analysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other evidenced based forms of treatment. My research interests include diagnostic assessment of young children, neuropsychological assessment, childhood illness, and understanding complex learning disorders like writing and reading disorders.

“We are so glad Dr. Harry was our first call after finding out our son had autism. He explained everything, helped us understand what we should do next, helped us navigate the school system, and so much more. We are so grateful for Dr. Harry!” – New York, NY

Why Work With Me?

“Admitting something isn’t going right is hard for everyone – admitting that we need help is even harder. I work together with you and your family to help make meaningful changes in the quality of life for you or your child, and the whole family.” – Dr. V.
  • Expertise and experience
  • Evidenced-based approaches to treatment
  • Flexible and compassionate
Behavior Therapy


Behavior Therapy

Individual behavior therapy is provided to help those on the autism spectrum learn to navigate a neurotypical world and reach their full potential. Dr. Voulgarakis is highly trained in evidenced-based therapies and takes an integrative approach to building a productive therapeutic relationship


Dr. Voulgarakis is an experienced consultant and has provided services to public and private educational settings, group homes, day programs, and hospitals. He is available for workshops, trainings, patient consultation, and more.

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    Dr. Voulgarakis is currently seeing patients via telehealth and in person. CDC guidelines are followed for in person appointments including social distancing and sanitation between patients. Please contact us directly for more information or questions.